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Margaret Thatcher

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archive/poliitcs robert mugabe 10 downing street 1980/poliitcs robert mugabe 10 downing street
archive/politics margaret thatcher 1983/politics margaret thatcher 1983
archive/politics thatcher reagan 1975/politics thatcher reagan 1975
archive/politics margaret thatcher 1975/politics margaret thatcher 1975
archive/falklands war prime minister/falklands war prime minister
britain pictures/margaret thatcher/cabinet
archive/politics general election 1987/politics general election 1987
britain pictures/margaret thatcher/thatcher home
archive/margaret thatcher falklands dinner/margaret thatcher falklands dinner
britain pictures/margaret thatcher/womans children courage awards 1980
britain pictures/margaret thatcher/margaret thatcher won landslide victory
archive/politics thatcher reagan 1984/politics thatcher reagan 1984
archive/politics margaret thatcher 1979/politics margaret thatcher 1979
archive/politics margaret thatcher 1979/politics margaret thatcher 1979
archive/politics margaret thatcher 1976/politics margaret thatcher 1976
archive/politics 250th anniversary prime ministers office 1985/politics 250th anniversary prime ministers
archive/politics council house buying/politics council house buying
britain pictures/margaret thatcher/margaret thatcher
britain pictures/margaret thatcher/thatcher 75th birthday cards
britain pictures/margaret thatcher/1983 cabinet
archive/politics prime ministers dinner spencer house 1992/politics prime ministers dinner spencer house
archive/politics conservative local government conference 1979/politics conservative local government conference
britain pictures/margaret thatcher/mrs thatcher early voter
britain pictures/margaret thatcher/thatcher falklands meeting 1982
archive/politics conservative party conference blackpool 1977/politics conservative party conference blackpool
archive/politics conservative party conference bournemouth 1996/politics conservative party conference bournemouth
archive/politics baroness thatcher 1994/politics baroness thatcher 1994
britain pictures/margaret thatcher/thatcher battersea market 1978
archive/politics margaret thatcher lord carrington 1980/politics margaret thatcher lord carrington
archive/politics conservative conference bournemouth 1986/politics conservative conference bournemouth
archive/politics conservative party leadership contest 1975/politics conservative party leadership contest
britain pictures/margaret thatcher/margaret thatcher geoffrey howe
archive/politics reagan thatcher 1984/politics reagan thatcher 1984
britain pictures/margaret thatcher/margaret thatchers homestead scheme
archive/politics conservative party conference 1975/politics conservative party conference 1975
archive/politics margaret thatcher keith joseph 1980/politics margaret thatcher keith joseph 1980
archive/politics margaret thatcher denis thatcher heathrow 1981/politics margaret thatcher denis thatcher
archive/media bbc radio 2 pete murrays late 1982/media bbc radio 2 pete murrays late 1982
archive/politics channel tunnel agreement canterbury cathedral 1986/politics channel tunnel agreement canterbury
archive/politics shirley porter margaret thatcher 1991/politics shirley porter margaret thatcher
archive/politics general election 1987 smith square/politics general election 1987 smith square
archive/politics margaret thatcher 1993/politics margaret thatcher 1993
archive/politics conservative party leadership contest 16975/politics conservative party leadership contest
archive/falklands war thatcher hunt 1982/falklands war thatcher hunt 1982
britain pictures/margaret thatcher/thatcher rspca award
archive/falklands war thatcher hms hermes/falklands war thatcher hms hermes
archive/politics margaret thatcher school visit 1970/politics margaret thatcher school visit
archive/politics state opening parliament 1983/politics state opening parliament 1983
archive/politics council house purchases 1979/politics council house purchases 1979
archive/politics anglo irish agreement belfast 1985/politics anglo irish agreement belfast 1985
britain pictures/margaret thatcher/transport motor national exhibition centre
archive/politics margaret thatcher house lords/politics margaret thatcher house lords
archive/fashion london fashion week downing street reception/fashion london fashion week downing street
archive/politics state opening parliament london 1980/politics state opening parliament london
archive/falklands war thatcher perez cuellar/falklands war thatcher perez cuellar
archive/falklands war thatcher opn panorama/falklands war thatcher opn panorama
archive/politics baroness thatcher 2005/politics baroness thatcher 2005
britain pictures/margaret thatcher/women year awards guildhall 2005
britain pictures/margaret thatcher/european referendum
archive/politics miners strike 1985/politics miners strike 1985
britain pictures/margaret thatcher/mrs thatcher youth europe rally
archive/politics thatcher sadat 1981/politics thatcher sadat 1981
britain pictures/margaret thatcher/margaret denis thatcher relaxing battle
britain pictures/margaret thatcher/silver wedding anniversary
archive/mark thatcher dakar rally 1982/mark thatcher dakar rally 1982
britain pictures/margaret thatcher/margaret thatcher john conteh
archive/politics margaret thatcher 1970/politics margaret thatcher 1970
britain pictures/margaret thatcher/margaret thatcher canvasses votes
archive/politics margaret thatcher glasgow 1987/politics margaret thatcher glasgow 1987
britain pictures/margaret thatcher/tussauds thatcher waxwork
britain pictures/margaret thatcher/waxing fame
archive/politics thatcher bush downing street 1983/politics thatcher bush downing street 1983
britain pictures/margaret thatcher/margaret thatcher garland
archive/politics thatcher prime ministers 1979/politics thatcher prime ministers 1979
archive/politics margaret thatcher duke edinburgh 1979/politics margaret thatcher duke edinburgh
britain pictures/margaret thatcher/woman challenges heath party leadership
britain pictures/margaret thatcher/set victory
archive/politics cabinet meets dollar crisis 1971/politics cabinet meets dollar crisis 1971
archive/politics nut conference blackpool 1972/politics nut conference blackpool 1972
archive/politics conservative party conference 1972/politics conservative party conference 1972
britain pictures/margaret thatcher/margaret thatcher denis thatcher heathrow
archive/politics general election 1983/politics general election 1983
britain pictures/margaret thatcher/election tories thatcher
archive/politics haughey thatcher 1980/politics haughey thatcher 1980
archive/politics conservative womens conference 1973/politics conservative womens conference 1973
britain pictures/margaret thatcher/thatcher opens school 1973
archive/politics thatcher council house buyer 1980/politics thatcher council house buyer 1980
archive/politics margaret thatcher shadow education secretary 1969/politics margaret thatcher shadow education
britain pictures/margaret thatcher/nkomo mugabe london
archive/politics archbishop runcie thatcher 1983/politics archbishop runcie thatcher 1983
archive/politics heath thatcher hogg 1970/politics heath thatcher hogg 1970
archive/politics thatcher education secretary 1970/politics thatcher education secretary 1970
archive/margaret thatcher mark thatcher missing 1982/margaret thatcher mark thatcher missing 1982
britain pictures/margaret thatcher/250th anniversary downing street
archive/politics margaret thatcher wistow colliery 1980/politics margaret thatcher wistow colliery
archive/politics thatcher tongan king 1983/politics thatcher tongan king 1983
archive/politics 55th annual conservative womens conference 1985/politics 55th annual conservative womens conference
britain pictures/margaret thatcher/thatcher central council
britain pictures/margaret thatcher/common market margaret thatcher


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