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1977 New Look
Adidas for Summer
Air France Hostess Uniform
Apple Boutique
April Ashley
Aries Import for London Fashions
Autumn Fashions
Autumn-Winter Collection from Finland
Barbara Goalen
Beauty Contests
Beauty Cotests
Beauty Without Cruelty Campaign
Belle Epoque Fashions
Bernshaw Mid-Season
Bike Wear
Bill Gibb
Bjorn Borg Menswear
Bowler Hats
Bridal Wear
Britains International Menswear Fair
British Airways Cabin Crew
British Airways Stewardesses
British Collection Exhibition
British Home Stores
Bruce Oldfield
Bruce Oldfield Borghese Spring
Cathy McGowan
Chanel Autumn and Winter
Charity Fashion Show
Charles Jourdan Spring-Summer Preview
Christian Dior
Christian Dior Winter
Christian Dior-London
Christian Dior-London Spring
Clive Couture
Coloured Tights
Contrasting Legs
Cycling Inspiration Show
David and Elizabeth Emanuel Fashions
Debbie Moore
Designer Ladieswear
Dior-London Spring
Dior-London Summer
Dog Hair Dying
Dry-Sil Fashion on Parade Show
Du Pont
Edna May
Fabric Demonstration
Falmers catsuit
Fashion at the Festival Fashion Show
Fashion Business
Fashion Producers
Fashion Textile Design Annual Show
Fifties Swimwear
Finnigans of Wilmslow
Frank Usher Autumn
Frankas Spring
Freewheel Bicycle Fashions
French Haute Couture
Gala Show
Gee 2 Menswears Unisex Range
Giddings Furs
Golf Outfit
Gucci Autumn and Winter
Gucci Spring
Hair Styling
Hardy Amies
Hardy Amies Autumn-Winter
Hardy Amies Spring-Summer
Harrods of Knightsbridge
Henley Regatta
Honeysuckle Knitwear Fashions
Industrial Clothing
International Men and Boys Wear Exhibition
Italian Summer Fashion Show
Jacques Esterel Paris Collection Show
Jacques Heim, Boussac de Paris and Saville Sportswear 1961
Jaeger Fashion
Jean Allen Autumn and Winter
Jean Allen Spring and Summer
Jean Shrimpton
Jill Bernard
Jo Howard
John Bates Spring-Summer
John Stephens Boutique
Keep the Mini-skirt
Kent and Francis
Kevin Keegan
Kings Road Club Exhibition
Knit One in Wool Book
Kumars Influence Summer
Ladies Ware
Ladies Wear
Lambs Navy Rum Calendar
Liberty Silk Cut
Live Shop Dummies
London College of Fashion
London Designer
London Designer
London Fashion Exhibition
London Fashion Fair International
London Fashion Parade
London Fashion Week
London Mid-Season Show
Long Tall Sallys Autumn
Lord John
Louette Whitby
Louis Feraud Autumn - Winter
Mary Quant
Mary Quant Autumn
Mary Quant Autumn-Winter
Mary Quant Spring and Summer
Mary Quant Spring
Mary Quants Ginger Group Autumn
Mattlis Spring
Menswear & Womenswear
Menswear Association of Britain Best Dressed Men Awards
Mid-Season Collection of Jean Allen
Miss Great Britain
Miss Great Britain 1966
Miss Levis Spring 1972
Miss Selfridges Autumn Range
Miss World 1970 Judge
Model Jean Shrimpton and Valerie Wade
Model Maudie James
Modelling Tights
National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children
NEXT Childrens Range
Norman Hartnell Autumn Winter
Norman Hartnell
Norman Hartnell Dress Show
Norman Hartnell Fashion
Norman Hartnell Spring
NSPCC Berkeley Dress Show
Nylon Stockings
Op art design
Ossie Clark
Patsy Kensit
Patti Boyd
Penthouse Pet of the Year
Prima Ballerina
Princess Margaret Views
Quorum Autumn
Ravel Spring
Razor Blade Dress
Reita Faria
Reldans Autumn and Winter
Richards Autumn-Winter
Robert Dorlands Autumn-Winter 1976
Royal Ascot
Royal Milliner
Sally Farmiloe
Sarah-Jane Owen Autumn
Sasha Hetherington
Scotland in London Promotion
Selfridges Astraka Wildlife Shop Opening
Selfridges Autumn Fashion Show
Selfridges Fashion
Shilling Hat Trick
Simone Mirman Fashion Show
Sixties Fashion
Snowqueen Hat
Socio Boutique Launch
Sports Wear
Spring Bridal Fashions
St Laurent Rive Gauche ready-to-wear
Strictly for the Birds Boutique
Summer Swimmer
Sunarama Swimwear
Susan Small Autumn-Winter
Teenage Fashion
Teenage Fashions
Tesco Autumn
The Eighties
The Little Bo-tique
Thea Porter Spring
Thea Porter Spring-Summer
Thea Porter Summer
Thea Porters Autumn
Thea Porters Winter
Tie Manufacturers Association Tiemen of 1975
Tinlihgs International Tennis Wear
Tsaritsar Autumn Clothes
Tuxedo Jacket
Tye-dyed Underwear
Uniform Manufacturing
Unsinkable Swim-suit
Vidal Sassoon Spectacular
Vivien Neves
Wedding Fashion
White Unicorn Premiere
Womens Wear
Wrap Cardigan
Zandra Rhodes Hosiery
Zandra Rhodes Spring-Summer
archive/fashion scotland london promotion 1983/fashion scotland london promotion 1983
Fashion - 'Scotland in London' Promotion - 1983
#media dmcs-1725975
archive/fashion mary quant london 1967/fashion mary quant london 1967
Fashion - Mary Quant - London - 1967
#media dmcs-11092033
archive/fashion kevin keegan/fashion kevin keegan collection
Fashion - Kevin Keegan Collection
#media dmcs-1725307
archive/fashion twiggy bertram mills circus 1967/fashion twiggy bertram mills circus 1967
Fashion - Twiggy - Bertram Mills Circus - 1967
#media dmcs-1725129
archive/fashion quorum autumn 1966/fashion quorum autumn collection 1966
Fashion - Quorum Autumn Collection - 1966
#media dmcs-11092269
archive/fashion patti boyd brook street london/fashion patti boyd brook street london
Fashion - Patti Boyd - Brook Street, London
#media dmcs-1876081
archive/fashion sasha hetherington london 1981/fashion sasha hetherington collection
Fashion - Sasha Hetherington Collection - London - 1981
#media dmcs-1725959
archive/fashion british airways stewardesses london/fashion british airways stewardesses london
Fashion - British Airways Stewardesses - London
#media dmcs-11718184
archive/fashion hair styling vidal sassoon london/fashion hair styling vidal sassoon london
Fashion - Hair Styling - Vidal Sassoon - London
#media dmcs-11635046
archive/fashion twiggy bertram mills circus london/fashion twiggy bertram mills circus london
Fashion - Twiggy - Bertram Mills Circus, London
#media dmcs-11092141
archive/fashion vidal sassoon spectacular london 1976/fashion vidal sassoon spectacular london
Fashion - Vidal Sassoon Spectacular - London - 1976
#media dmcs-1725971
archive/fashion finnigans wilmslow cheshire 1976/fashion finnigans wilmslow cheshire 1976
Fashion - Finnigans of Wilmslow - Cheshire - 1976
#media dmcs-1725961
archive/fashion louis feraud autumn winter london 1989/fashion louis feraud autumn winter collection
Fashion - Louis Feraud Autumn / Winter Collection - London - 1989
#media dmcs-1725949
archive/fashion norman hartnell fashion london 1973/fashion norman hartnell fashion london 1973
Fashion - Norman Hartnell Fashion - London - 1973
#media dmcs-1725965
archive/fashion thea porter summer 1972/fashion thea porter summer collection 1972
Fashion - Thea Porter Summer Collection - 1972
#media dmcs-1725927
archive/fashion ossie clark radley 1973/fashion ossie clark collection radley 1973
Fashion - Ossie Clark Collection - Radley - 1973
#media dmcs-1725923
archive/fashion jaeger fashion london 1971/fashion jaeger fashion london 1971
Fashion - Jaeger Fashion - London - 1971
#media dmcs-1725921
archive/fashion mary quant 1967/fashion mary quant 1967
Fashion - Mary Quant - 1967
#media dmcs-1725293
archive/fashion simone mirman fashion chesham place london/fashion simone mirman fashion chesham place
Fashion - Simone Mirman Fashion Show - Chesham Place, London
#media dmcs-10420854
archive/fashion hardy amies concorde fashion/fashion hardy amies concorde fashion
Fashion - Hardy Amies - Concorde Fashion
#media dmcs-1725181
archive/fashion beauty contests miss world london/fashion beauty contests miss world london
Fashion - Beauty Contests - Miss World - London
#media dmcs-4502182
archive/fashion beauty contests miss united kingdom blackpool/fashion beauty contests miss united kingdom
Fashion - Beauty Contests - Miss United Kingdom - Blackpool
#media dmcs-4502164
archive/fashion white unicorn premiere new regents street/fashion white unicorn premiere new
Fashion - "White Unicorn" Premiere - New Gallery - Regents Street
#media dmcs-1725741
archive/fashion tights/fashion tights
Fashion - Tights
#media dmcs-1725737
archive/fashion 1980s/fashion 1980s
Fashion - 1980's
#media dmcs-1725735
archive/fashion mary quant 1967/fashion mary quant 1967
Fashion - Mary Quant - 1967
#media dmcs-1725097
archive/fashion beauty contests miss united kingdom blackpool/fashion beauty contests miss united kingdom
Fashion - Beauty Contests - Miss United Kingdom - Blackpool
#media dmcs-4502172
archive/fashion beauty contests miss united kingdom blackpool/fashion beauty contests miss united kingdom
Fashion - Beauty Contests - Miss United Kingdom - Blackpool
#media dmcs-4502168
archive/fashion beauty contests miss united kingdom blackpool/fashion beauty contests miss united kingdom
Fashion - Beauty Contests - Miss United Kingdom - Blackpool
#media dmcs-4502166
archive/fashion model jean shrimpton valerie wade london airport/fashion model jean shrimpton valerie wade
Fashion - Model Jean Shrimpton and Valerie Wade - London Airport
#media dmcs-12293368
archive/fashion honeysuckle knitwear fashions 1980/fashion honeysuckle knitwear fashions 1980
Fashion - Honeysuckle Knitwear Fashions - 1980
#media dmcs-11717782
archive/fashion swimwear marks spencer centenary/fashion swimwear marks spencer centenary
Fashion - Swimwear - Marks and Spencer Centenary
#media dmcs-11717424
archive/fashion london mid season sam fox 1984/fashion london mid season sam fox 1984
Fashion - London Mid-Season Show - Sam Fox - 1984
#media dmcs-11717340
archive/fashion vivien neves london/fashion vivien neves london
Fashion - Vivien Neves - London
#media dmcs-11635326
archive/fashion henley regatta henley on thames/fashion henley regatta henley on thames
Fashion - Henley Regatta - Henley-on-Thames
#media dmcs-13847041
archive/fashion swimwear freemans mail order fashion/fashion swimwear freemans mail order fashion
Fashion - Swimwear - Freemans Mail Order Fashion
#media dmcs-12264650
archive/fashion lambs navy rum calendar london 1981/fashion lambs navy rum calendar london
Fashion - Lamb's Navy Rum Calendar - London - 1981
#media dmcs-12264252
archive/fashion penthouse pet year/fashion penthouse pet year
Fashion - Penthouse Pet of the Year
#media dmcs-11717470
archive/fashion mid season collection jean allen london 1973/fashion mid season collection jean allen
Fashion - Mid-Season Collection of Jean Allen - London - 1973
#media dmcs-11635076
archive/fashion norman hartnell dress simone miirman london/fashion norman hartnell dress simone
Fashion - Norman Hartnell Dress Show - Simone Miirman - London
#media dmcs-12293442
archive/fashion miss great britain 1966 carole fletcher morecambe/fashion miss great britain 1966 carole
Fashion - Miss Great Britain 1966 - Carole Fletcher - Morecambe
#media dmcs-12293412
archive/fashion twiggy bertram mills circus/fashion twiggy bertram mills circus
Fashion - Twiggy - Bertram Mills Circus
#media dmcs-12293220
archive/fashion razor blade dress/fashion razor blade dress
Fashion - Razor Blade Dress
#media dmcs-12292934
archive/fashion swimwear sydney australia/fashion swimwear sydney australia
Fashion - Swimwear - Sydney, Australia
#media dmcs-12292932
archive/fashion mary quant 1967 london/fashion mary quant 1967 london
Fashion - Mary Quant - 1967 - London
#media dmcs-12292874
archive/fashion reita faria stratford hotel london/fashion reita faria stratford hotel london
Fashion - Reita Faria - Stratford Hotel, London
#media dmcs-12292820
archive/fashion reita faria london/fashion reita faria london
Fashion - Reita Faria - London
#media dmcs-12292818
archive/fashion tinlihgs international tennis wear london/fashion tinlihgs international tennis
Fashion - Tinlihg's International Tennis Wear Collection - London
#media dmcs-12275538
archive/fashion twiggy/fashion twiggy
Fashion - Twiggy
#media dmcs-12275532


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